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Operations Manager Tech Specialist

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acum 3 săptămâni
Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
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We’re looking for our next Operations Manager Tech Specialist. This role leans towards the technical side of the operations. That means that you will be helping us optimize our systems by overviewing them, upgrading them, and providing feedback on your findings.

What we need you to demonstrate:

Technically Inclined – Excelent MS Office package skills, excelent G-Suite package skills, advanced computer troubleshooting.
A letter of recommendation letter from your previous employer.
Previous contact center / sales experience.
Desire for continuous education (company paid).
Ability to keep to a schedule and deliver on time.
Openness to change.
Motivation to learn and grow with us.
Determination to not give up easily and persevere in the face of adversity.
Balance – know when to push and when to stop and ask for help.
Logical thinking – put pieces of the puzzle together and achieve results by looking at the bigger picture.
Great communication skills.
Good knowledge of the English language – Able to hold a conversation in a professional environment without difficulties. Know how to speak and write in a grammatically correct fashion.
Analytical skills.

The purpose of your job:

Joining our fast growing team and helping us reach new heights.
Combining leadership and technology to grow our operation to a world class level that delivers great value and experience.
Assisting with technical support in our Customer Relationship Management software by solving issues and adding new features when requested.
Creating various visual data representations for an easier understanding of agent productivity.
Monitoring agent productivity and conversions to discover bottlenecks and helping getting over them.
Monitoring agent’s progress in the training platform to ensure successful onboarding and continuous training.
Updating and fixing issues on landing pages.

We hope you are:

Highly passionate about technology, problem solving, and excited about the thought of getting involved in managing the operations of our company.
Passionate about puzzles and problem solving.
Able to adapt in an ever changing environment.
Able to self-educate.
Able to work independently.

Your core value:

Having the mindset of seeing solutions and opportunities where others just see problems.

What we are offering:

Working in a young & dynamic environment with international clients.
Being part of a new and growing company.
Working on a real project from Day 1 and making a difference within the organization
The opportunity of working in an engaging environment that is open to feedback and change.
Team building activities.
Competitive salary and performance bonuses.



How you should be involved:


Working hours:

Monday – Thursday 16:00 – 01:00
Friday 16:00 – 22:00

Please send your CV at:

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