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Reachtruck Drivers Nabuurs, Holland

1.500 EUR
ID 835814
acum 3 săptămâni
Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
Domeniu de activitate

Administrativ / Logistică



Nabuurs is a family-run logistics company. We develop and implement innovative supply chain concepts for FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) within the food, retail and hospitality sectors. Our winner's mentality and agile logistics operation enable us to surprise our customers on a daily basis.
Job content
As All-round Warehouse Employee you are responsible for the daily efficient and correct handling of activities related to the warehouse. As Allround Warehouse Employee you strive for continuous improvement in this.

• In this role, you will be responsible for:
• Lift and reach truck operations;
• Receiving goods (inbound);
• Stacking, loading and unloading goods for transport or storage;
• Order picking according to established quality and productivity standards;
• Careful handling of available tools (OPT, EPT, scanner);
• Performing stock checks and counting;
• Reporting deviations and/or breakages;
• Cleaning and maintaining the work environment in accordance with agreements;
• Working in accordance with applicable safety requirements.

The following core competencies apply to this position:
• Flexible;
• Accurate;
• Enthusiastic;
• Collegial.

Job requirements
• Experience with the operation of forklift and reach truck and in possession of a certificate;
• Willing to work according to a 2- or multi shift system.

Reachtruck driver:
To start:
€ 12.23 + Shift allowance: € 13.30 (8.75 % shift allowance)

If an employee is very good he can go immediately to this step.
After 4 weeks of good work (75% productivity and maximum 1 day absence in this 4 weeks)
€ 12.72 + Shift allowance: € 13.84 (8.75 % shift allowance)

Again after 4 weeks of good work (90% productivity and maximum 1 day absence in this 4 weeks)
€ 13.23 + Shift allowance: € 14.39 (8.75 % shift allowance)

ATV Allowance:
Everybody will get 3.5 day ATV more per year on top of vacation days.

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Reachtruck Drivers Nabuurs, Holland
N2People Romania
ID 835814
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