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Production employee

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ID 879185
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Craiova, Dolj
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Wie zoeken we?
You are handy and have experience with powertools;
Available full time in 3 shifts (6.00 to 14.00 - 14.00 to 22.00 - 22.00 to 6.00);
You master the Dutch, English or German language;
You have your own transportation to get to work inTegelen.
Wat bieden wij je?
Freedom! Thanks to the 3-shift schedule, you have a lot of free time for other things that are important to you;
Space to develop yourself technically;
Travel allowance;
A chance to settle in for the long term!
€ 18,26/per uur
Performs the work according to oral and written instructions from the department management.
Operates (installing core box, providing sand supply, installing drying plate, gassing/heat supply, etc.) various types of core shooting machines for the production of a wide variety of cores.
Removes the "shot" cores from the core boxes; with small cores this is done manually and with large cores mechanically via an ejection mechanism and removal mold.
If necessary, remove burrs, shooting points and air sieve marks using file, sanding stone, etc. and spray the cores clean with compressed air.
Places the cores on a pallet or conveyor belt; for small cores this is done manually and for large cores using an air cylinder or removal jig attached to a crane.
Makes the core box "ready for production" before shooting a new core (cleaning, injecting with release agent, installing reinforcement bars, etc.).
During his work, checks for damage to core boxes, dryness of the core, core integrity, etc. and warns the department management of any defects/deviations.
Keeps nuclear shooting machines and (auxiliary) equipment clean and warns the department manager of any defects/deviations thereof.
Notifies the department management verbally of the progress of the work and identifies any problems (in a timely manner).
Performs supporting activities/tasks within and occasionally outside your own department.
Observes safety regulations and works safely.

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